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Jeevan Copper Water Bottle


  • Introducing the Jeevan Copper Water Bottle, your perfect companion for staying hydrated in style. Crafted with precision and care, this bottle embodies elegance and functionality. Made from pure copper, it not only promises durability but also offers potential health benefits.
  • Embrace the purity of water while on the go and elevate your wellness journey with every sip. Stay refreshed and rejuvenated with the Jeevan Copper Water Bottle.
  • 1100ml
  • 500ml
  • 800ml
  • Alice Floral Alice Floral
  • Carving Carving
  • Daisy Daisy
  • Diamond Diamond
  • Hammer Hammer
  • Hammer Brick Hammer Brick
  • Hammer Brick Vintage Hammer Brick Vintage
  • Hammer Salayi Hammer Salayi
  • Hammer Salayi Vintage Hammer Salayi Vintage
  • Matt Matt
  • Salayi Alice Floral Salayi Alice Floral
  • Salayi Carving Salayi Carving
  • Salayi Daisy Salayi Daisy
  • Salayi Diamond Salayi Diamond
  • Salayi Vintage Carving Salayi Vintage Carving
  • Vintage Carving Vintage Carving
  • Vintage Hammer Vintage Hammer
  • Vintage Matt Vintage Matt
  • White Ambi White Ambi


  • Natural Ayurveda Benefits
  • Copper water bottle for Healthful Drinking
  • Alkaline pH balance for improved hydration
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles
  • Enhanced digestion stimulation
  • Clean Bottle from Inside before use
  • Mix Vinegar & water or Lemon & Water and pour into the bottle, Close the lid & shake mixture thoroughly

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1100ml, 500ml, 800ml


Alice Floral, Carving, Daisy, Diamond, Hammer, Hammer Brick, Hammer Brick Vintage, Hammer Salayi, Hammer Salayi Vintage, Matt, Salai Bloosom, Salai Stripes, Salayi Alice Floral, Salayi Carving, Salayi Daisy, Salayi Diamond, Salayi Vintage Carving, Salayi White Ambi, Vintage Carving, Vintage Hammer, Vintage Matt, White Ambi


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