Serving Trays Rectangular Marble Gold Designer Wooden 1 Big Tray , 1 Medium Tray, 1 Small Tray – Set of 3


  • Specially designed to enhance the elegance of your home, our wooden serving tray for table smooth finish ? BEST ottoman tray for living room
  • Wood serving tray with handles it?s dried to remove the internal moisture so it will not corrode. This makes our products very light but maintains good quality
  • Wooden table tray is perfect for wedding banquets, hotels, bars or coffee shops, it can hold food while resting on your legs, on the sofa or on the bed when you’re relaxing.
  • Easy to use each wooden tray has two oval side handles, which are convenient for carrying delicious food, so that you can easily move it from one place to another.
  • Length 41, Witdh 25, Height 5.5

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